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Dress Code & Clubhouse Rules


At Knebworth Golf Club, we expect our members and guests to act responsibly and observe standards of dress and behaviour in keeping with the traditions of the game of golf. We publish these guidelines on acceptable and unacceptable dress and behaviour, in order to avoid doubt and possible embarrassment of being reprimanded.

In and around the Clubhouse, the general dress code is ‘Smart Casual’. On the course, the requirement is for recognised golf equipment and dress. Where possible, this Code will be sent in advance to visitors, but in the case of a visitor being improperly dressed, they will be informed so, by the staff, and politely asked to dress appropriately on his next visit.

For Club matches, functions and events, the dress code can differ from ‘Smart Casual’ to ‘Smart Dress’ or ‘Formal Dress’ as follows:

Formal Dress:  Dinner Suit / Black Tie and formal shoes.

Smart Dress:  Lounge Suit or Jacket and tie and formal shoes.

This requirement will normally be advertised in advance, on the information sheets or tickets etc. The dress requirement for Sunday lunches and evening dining is ‘Smart Casual’.

All dress should be in a clean and presentable condition, with no stains, rips, holes, tears, fraying or fading.

Golf clubs and/or golf bags must not be carried through the Clubhouse other than through the rear entrance corridor into the Mens’ locker room. 

Golf clubs, bags, equipment and trolleys are not allowed in the Clubhouse or on the patios. Please use the designated areas.

Mobile telephones, tablets and laptops may be used in silent mode only.  Non-silent use is confined to the changing rooms, front foyer of the Clubhouse and the Car parks, unless used in an emergency.

Smoking is only allowed on the golfcourse and in the sheltered area behind the Members’ Back Bar. Smoking is not allowed in the Clubhouse or on the patios. Please dispose of cigarette ends responsibly and do not leave litter

Dress on the Course

Members and visitors should be neatly attired at all times, on and off the Course. Members are reminded that they are responsible for ensuring their guests abide by the required standards of dress and behaviour. 

Shirts should be sleeved and have an attached collar or roll- neck collar and must be tucked in at the waist at all times.  Please ensure shirts are long enough in the body to remain tucked-in during play.

Tailored shorts may be worn as an alternative to tailored trousers. Socks are not obligatory, but if worn, long or short, they should be of predominantly one colour. Long socks should not be rolled down at any time.

Headwear shall only be worn outside.  Peaked headwear must always be worn with the peak to the front and not back-to-front.

Proprietary golf shoes must be worn, preferably with soft spikes or soft moulded soles.

Sports training type shoes are not permitted on the course.

Smart Casual Dress in and around the Clubhouse

In the Clubhouse and on the patios, clean and presentable smart casual wear will be the norm, unless circumstances dictate otherwise.  Please note that ‘used’ golf apparel can only be worn in the main Lounge Bar until 7.00pm, after which, the ‘Smart Casual Dress’ rule will apply.  If ‘used clothing’ is worn in the Lounge Bar before 7.00pm, it should be dry, odourless and stain-free. Members and guests not complying with ‘Smart Casual Dress’ after 7.00pm should retire to the patios or Members’ Back Bar’, as appropriate. The ‘Smart Casual Code’ comprises:

Shirts with short or long sleeves and an attached collar or roll-neck collar and must be worn inside shorts or trousers, unless the shirt is specifically designed to be worn outside the waistband.

Trousers should be tailored and of full length, not three-quarters length. 

Tailored shorts can be worn as an alternative in summer. 

There is no restriction on footwear, provided that it is in keeping with the required standard of smartness.

Modern casual shoes, including loafers, deck shoes and sandals (with or without back-straps) are permissible, but all plastic shoes & plastic flip-flops with a single toe attachment are not allowed.

Long or short socks worn with shorts, should be of predominately one colour, preferably white.

Golf shoes, even with soft spikes or moulded sole, are not permitted in the Clubhouse, except to and from the Mens’ Locker Room via the rear door. 

The dress code in the Members’ Back Bar is generally ‘Smart Casual’. Clothes should be clean and presentable and free from stains, holes, fraying, fading and tears.   Approved worn golf attire is allowed in the ‘Back Bar’, at all times, but it must be odourless, stain-free and dry.


Denim jeans

Track suits or cut-off trousers for gentlemen.

Stained, torn, frayed or faded clothing.

Trainers or other sports training shoes.

All plastic shoes and plastic flip-flop type shoes.

Tee shirts

Combat/cargo/camouflage style shorts and trousers with multiple pockets.

Overlong shorts, well below the knee.

Trousers tucked into socks except in the case of plus 2’s and 4’s

Any other clothing designed to be worn for sports and pastimes other than golf, such as football, athletics, and beach wear.

No headgear to be worn in the Clubhouse. 

Golfing headgear such as caps and visors shall not be worn anywhere with the peak facing backwards.

Wet, muddy and perspiration soaked clothing shall not be allowed in the bars, main lounge or dining room.

Long socks shall not be rolled down.

Should any member or visitor be offended by breaches of the Club’s Dress Code, then please report as much information as possible to a member of staff and/or the Office, and appropriate action will be taken.

Thank you for your kind co-operation in maintaining these standards of dress.

The Club Secretary

Knebworth Golf Club

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