Knebworth Golf Club

Custom Fitting Centre

Here, at Knebworth Golf Club, we have a Ping Custom Fitting Centre. Based on the characteristics of you and your swing, we will go through four steps to design and construct the ideal set of clubs to suit you.

We adopt four practical steps to identify the design of a set of clubs that will suit each individual. The four steps are:

Static Fitting
Dynamic Fitting
Ball Flight Observation using GC2 Launch Monitor Technology
Monitoring Performance

The first three steps determine the specifications of your set; the fourth is repeated periodically, to ensure that the specifications of your set are matched to your swing as it changes over time.

The Static Fitting

Static Fitting is a fitting based on your personal measurements to determine a starting PING Colour Code , club length, grip size and shaft flex.

The Dynamic Fitting

This accommodates your posture and swing. Impact tape placed on the sole of the iron reveals the club's position at impact, allowing the fitter to compensate for tendencies that affect the dynamic lie angle.

Ball Flight Observation

Once we have found your correct dynamic lie angle we will then observe trajectory and ball flight using the latest GC2 launch monitor Technlogy in order to fine-tune the specifications for your custom-built set of golf clubs. Further refinements are made by the fitter in the area of set make-up.

Having the right combination and types of irons, wedges and fairway woods for your game is another way a fitter can help you improve your scores.

Why buy a set of clubs “off the rack” when you can have a set of clubs which have been built just for you at no extra cost?

To book a free custom fit session call the Pro Shop on 01438 812757

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