Knebworth Golf Club

Dress Code


(Including Juniors 10 years and over)


The General Dress Code shall be "smart casual", with a further restriction to include "No Jeans, no stained, cut or torn clothing and no "sportswear".

For the course, only "recognised golfing apparel” shall be worn.

Members are asked to use common sense when defining the "Smart Casual" code. Those failing to comply will be reported to the Board.

Visitors improperly dressed will be informed "politely" by a member of staff of their error and requested to dress appropriately on their

next visit

It is a member’s responsibility to ensure that their guests are dressed in accordance with the club’s dress code.

We ask all staff and members to assist in ensuring that these standards are maintained at all times


On the Course

Only recognised golf apparel may be worn.

Proprietary golf shoes MUST be worn.

Shirts MUST be worn and be tucked in at the waist.

Shirts MUST have sleeves.

Shorts MUST be tailored knee length. No 3\4 length shorts are acceptable.

Trousers are NOT to be tucked into socks.

NO jeans or combat style trousers or shorts.

The wearing of socks is not compulsory but if socks are worn with shorts, they must be white. There are no regulations regarding the length of socks.

In the Lounge Bar

Dress, smart casual at all times.

*          Golfing apparel may be worn before play, but players MUST change after play. Exceptionally, players may enter the Lounge Bar to obtain a drink provided they retire to the patio or Marquee immediately afterwards.

Prior to 19.00 shorts are permitted on the same basis as other golfing clothing.

No collarless T-shirts.

No ripped, torn or stained clothing

No Sportswear: i.e. Golf shoes, football shirts, trainers, track suits.

No hats or caps to be worn indoors.

No denim of any colour.

No flip flops allowed in either bar or on patio.
The wearing of socks is not compulsory.

In the Members' Bar

As for the Lounge Bar except:

Golfing apparel may be worn after play.

Shorts are permitted at any time.

Miscellaneous Rules

Jacket and Ties MUST be worn for all Club matches and competitions

              such as Invitation Day.

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