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Raking Bunkers Correctly

How to Rake a Bunker Correctly!

Knebworth golf club, raking bunkers correctly

  1. Before playing your shot, find the best entry and exit point. Avoid walking down a steep face and walking a longer distance than necessary.
  2. Enter the bunker with a rake. This is within the Rules of Golf and speeds up play.
  3. Play your shot. You should leave the rake within reaching distance so you don’t have extra sand to rake retrieving it!
  4. Smooth over the area where you played your shot and all your footprints. Use two hands. It is not possible to rake the bunker correctly using just one! Do not merely trail the rake behind you as you leave the bunker as this will reduce sand depth. If you are pulling too much sand towards you, push the sand back away from you with the rake.
  5. Admire your work. When you are finished, the sand’s surface should be smooth, with no signs of footprints, and no excess sand pulled towards the bunker’s edge. Please ensure that the sand is in as good a condition or better than you found it in.
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