As of Thursday the 5th July there will be a smoking ban out on the golf course.. For further information please see the full notice on the club notice board. (updated 04 July at 08:59)

Knebworth Golf Club

The seven habits of a highly effective Golf Member.

The Good Member’s Charter


  • The Good Member always dresses appropriately, on the Golf Course and in the Clubhouse.
  • The Good Member always replaces their divot and looks for another to replace in addition.
  • The Good Member always repairs a pitch mark. Preferably, their mark and one other.
  • The Good Member always rakes the bunker using the rake supplied after a visit to the sand.
  • The Good Member always treats the Greenstaff with respect, while they are at work.
  • The Good Member always treats other members and staff, with the respect they themselves would expect to be treated.
  • The Good Member ensures their guests abide by the Good members charter.

All Good Member’s thank you for your cooperation.


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